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How Do I Get Started?

First thing’s first: you need to submit! We accept submissions via our online submission form. Click here.

It is not mandatory that you have professional pictures or any experience to apply to our agency. We are always looking for new talent to represent all our divisions, please follow all our submission guidelines to apply.

What About Modeling Schools, Management Companies, Pageants...?

What About Modeling Schools, Management Companies, Pageants, Conventions, and Scouting Events? Over the years, our agency has scouted at all of these, and we have found some great talent! However, approximately 85-90% of the talent we represent are found from the submissions we receive in the mail. Although we do attend some of the above events, we feel the best way and the LEAST expensive way to break into this field is to simply submit to our agency by mail with non-professional pictures.

Do I Have to Pay the Agency?

No. The only way our agency makes money is if you make money! In regulation with the California State Labor Code, a legitimate talent agency should not collect a registration fee. Instead, a commission is collected once a job is booked. Be very cautious of any agency that charges up-front costs or fees, this is not standard practice in our business.

What Kind of Commitment is Involved?

In this business flexibility and availability are nearly as important as talent. For our parents, this means being able to drop everything to make a last minute audition or booking for your child. The same applies to our adult talent, this is not a job that will provide you with a set schedule, most of our jobs are confirmed only 24 hours in advance. There is no way to measure how much time you will need to devote, but your ability to be accommodating will be key!

Does the Agency Pay for Pictures?

No. Our talent is responsible for paying for their pictures. However, once you have been accepted to our agency we will supply a list of highly reputable photographers that we recommend you work with.

Why do I Need to Submit My Measurements?

Measurements are critical to this business; for our babies and children, it could mean the difference between working frequently and not working at all. Aside from this, we ask you to include measurements in order to be considered for our children, adult female, or adult male fit modeling division. Our fit models can make more money because it is consistent work, as opposed to the unpredictable world of print modeling and acting! You could have the opportunity to work on a regular basis trying on clothes for anywhere from $85 to $187.50 an hour. You can’t beat that!

Will I Receive Confirmation that the Agency Received My Submission?

No. We get too many submissions to be able to contact you individually when we receive them. You will receive a phone call if we wish to set up an interview with you or your child. We will notify you even if you are not given an interview provided you include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your submission.

Do Your Agents Frequent Showcases and Plays Seeking New Talent?

Absolutely. Marla Dell Talent prides itself on finding the best talent so our agents are often in the audience at various showcases and plays in and around San Francisco. Though we feel we have our finger on the creative pulse of the Bay Area, even we don’t know everything that’s going on! So, if you are part of a small theater group or know of a play we definitely shouldn’t miss, send us some details or drop us an invitation! Though we can�t be at all the productions, we certainly don’t want to miss out on the next Hayle Joel Osmond or Nicole Kidman — so keep the invites coming!

What is Required for a Child Under the Age of 18 to Work in California?

It is mandatory in California that all children under the age of 18 obtain a work permit. Minors will not be permitted to work without one and must have it renewed every six months. It is required that the agency have a copy of the permit on file and it must accompany all talent to bookings. Every child must be in good health and must maintain a grade point of C or higher to be eligible. Please be sure to obtain California Entertainment Work Permit for children under the age of 18.

What is a Coogan Account?

According to California State Law, all parents whose children work in the entertainment industry are required to open a Coogan account. It is mandatory that parents put 15% or their child’s gross earnings into this bank account where it will essentially be the separate property of the child rather than that of the parents. Parents cannot touch the money without a court order or until the child is eighteen. This law was passed in 2000 as a result of Jackie Coogan and other prior child stars whose parents had unlawfully spent all of their earnings.

Can My Child Still Work With Braces On?

Yes. However, depending on the nature of the booking, you may be required to have the braces removed.

Do You Represent Supermodels?

We are not an agency that specializes in the world of high fashion modeling. However, we have on occasion represented girls with the potential to become supermodels and have set them up with other agencies who can take their career to the next level.

Does Your Agency Provide Talent for Parties or Events?

Marla Dell Talent can liven up your parties and events with the Bay Area’s most talented actors, singers and musicians. We have an overwhelming amount of both child and adult talent that would be perfect for any theme event large or small! So, if your are looking for something special for your next party or if you have a unique quality to offer this division, please e-mail reception@marladell.com for more specific information! This is an exciting new venture for us; we hope you’ll think of us when planning your next big event!

Does Marla Dell Talent Have an Internship Program in Place?

Our agency is always looking for interns. Our prerequisites are as follows:

  • Currently attending a College or University in San Francisco
  • Willing to commit to and be available for one semester
  • Willing to use the experience for college credit
  • Strong organizational, time management, and computer/office skills
  • Great phone personality and terrific people skills
  • Extremely detail oriented with a passion for accuracy
  • Minimum of 20 hours a week (preferably in the afternoons)

Please note that we are NOT looking for individuals who are looking for representation with our agency. We hope that the internship will give those individuals considering a career working in a talent agency a good overview of how a well run agency does it right. Additionally, we would like to see our interns come away from this experience with a greater understanding and respect for our industry.