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You’ve seen them on television, in major motion pictures, on Broadway, and in commercials too numerous to mention. You’ve seen them in thousands of print advertisements and heard them in radio spots. From the big screen to the stage, from magazines to radio, there’s not much this elite division hasn’t conquered.

To be a part of this superstar crew, your child must possess the attitude, the passion, and the drive it takes to make it in this business. This will also require a special parent who has the willingness and the flexibility to make auditions and bookings on a moment’s notice. This can be critical to your child’s success.

We can only consider kids that live within an hour or two of San Francisco.

All submissions are determined not only by photos and a cover letter, but also by measurements, so please include these. Size is everything in our business; therefore it is essential to determine if your child is small, average or large for their age, as certain sizes tend to work more frequently than others do.