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Measuring Child Fit Models



When measuring your child, we need them to be in their underwear. For babies, they should be wearing diapers (not cloth diapers). Also, when measuring babies, they have to be standing up as opposed to lying down.

Use a cloth or plastic measure, NOT the metal construction kind!

Height: Have your child standing against the wall with no shoes and their heels touching the wall. Make sure your child is standing on a flat surface as opposed to carpet. Carpet adds inches to their height.

Chest: Measure across nipples. Make sure child is relaxed and standing up straight. Have your child raise his/her arms out to the side and then have them put their arms down for the chest measurement.

Waist: For girls, measure around the smallest part of their waist. If you are uncertain where to measure, have the girl bend sideways, either to the right or left. This is where you measure. If you are still uncertain, then measure over the belly button. For boys, measure above where they wear their boxers or briefs.

Low Hips: Measure around the widest part around the bottom.

Inseam: Measure from inner leg of the crotch (where leg meets torso) down to the ankle bone.